At Fight To Win (FTW), we strive to give excellent instruction to each student. Through a systematic method of learning and drilling techniques, each student is given the freedom to grow at their own pace. We cater to the recreational student who wants to learn traditional Gracie Jiu Jitsu as a lifestyle and get in shape and build confidence.

Gracie Self-Defense

This is where it all started, and under the close scrutiny of Royce Gracie this is what truly sets us apart from every other school in the area and is the foundation of our program. Gracie Self-Defense classes are centered on the battle tested techniques developed by Grand Master Helio Gracie. They are designed to put Jiu Jitsu into more “real life” situations, including strikes, take downs, clench work and ground techniques. Here we will focus on the leverage and balance needed for a smaller person to fend off a much larger attacker.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are an excellent way to quickly improve your overall game. Each person learns at a different pace, so nothing is more effective than one-on-one attention from the instructor on the particular areas of your game that require improvement. Please see your instructor for available times and pricing.


The fundamentals class is an introduction to GJJ with the gi (the traditional uniform). Here we focus on basics of movement, balance, and self-defense. The class will consist of traditional Gracie Self Defense, stretching, basic ground techniques, and drilling movements. There is no live sparring in this class; instead, we practice live action drills that develop a foundation in the art. The class will cover everything that is needed to comfortably transition into the advanced program.

Advanced Gracie Jiu Jitsu

This is where the art truly begins to take shape. In this class, we focus on improving fundamentals and transitioning, as well as building a personal style for each student. Time will be spent learning the intricacies of ground fighting techniques, followed by live sparring. All students are currently invited to stay on the mat for this program. Just be aware that it is a slightly faster paced focusing primarily on the more advanced students.

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