“I work at a fast pace and Steve, being as committed and concerned as he is, recognized this and helped me excel in so many areas. Although our classes were full, I felt like I was the only one in class.”

– Dean Albrecht.


“For over a decade, I have watched Steve Hall constantly improve his knowledge and practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is the real deal and has earned every belt, stripe, scar, and broken bone. Most importantly, Steve is of good character and represents himself and Jiu-Jitsu very well. I am confident that Steve will continue to produce students that are both fine sports competitors and representatives of our art.”

– Bill Murphy, Black Belt 1st Degree under Marcio Simas, Barra Gracie Orlando (Sarasota).


“Steve Hall is a very observant and caring Instructor. Even when the class is full, he always notices what I need to learn or improve, and he teaches it to me. Being a teacher myself, it amazes me how much Steve notices, and remembers, about each one of his students. On a more personal note, it has always been a dream of mine to teach self-defense to other women. Steve worked with me, making sure that I had not only the smallest details of each move down but also that I had the proper mindset. I taught my first women’s self-defense class at a local shelter recently. It gave me such a great sense of accomplishment. I am currently organizing a class at my school for female teachers and students. Thank you, Steve, for all of your help and support.”

– Debbie Hauff, H.S. Art Teacher, N.F. Woods Technology & Arts Center.

“I can sincerely say that Steve is a very good coach and a friend. Fight to Win is kept very professional, and the atmosphere is such that even though I live 40 minutes away it is well worth the drive. In a very short time, I have learned a lot from Steve. I enjoy and have been active in many different sports since 1981, but Steve has helped make Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu my favorite. I love the workouts and everyone involved is extremely helpful. I am honored to learn from you Steve, thank you again.”

– Mufit Turkdamar, CMS, Health and PE Teacher, Personal Trainer since 1985.

“Steve is an outstanding instructor. Very technical and articulate — he takes the time to point out subtle details that make the difference between struggling and succeeding with a technique. He knows when to be patient, and he knows when to push you to the next level.”

– Jay Ferrari, Purple Belt Capital Jiu Jitsu Team, Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Network.

“I really enjoy training at Fight to Win. We have a friendly but competitive environment. Steve is a great instructor who understands the subtleties of the art and teaches them well.”

– Alan Caulder.

“Steve and Casey are some of the best guys I’ve ever met. I’ve made great friends at Fight to Win, they have been supportive at tournaments and helped me to grow in a sport that I love. Steve is an incredible instructor and he spends time with each of his students to make sure they grasp the concepts of Jiu-Jitsu and build a strong fundamental base.”

– Mathew Wallace.

“I had studied martial arts before I moved to Sarasota in December 2004. I looked for a school to study and fortunately for me the one nearest my home was Wolf Pack Jiu-jitsu. Steve took me under his wing and really help me with the gi training, which at the time I had no knowledge of. Since Steve has received his black belt and moved on to open his new school. His knowledge and dedication to teaching the arts will be greatly missed in the Sarasota area. I have had good instructors in all the places I have lived. However, Steve Hall’s instruction is to this day one of the most positive experiences I have had.”

– Rick Bell.