Royce Gracie Self Defense

This is where it all started, and is what truly sets us apart from every other school in the area.
Royce Gracie Self-Defense classes are centered around the battle tested techniques developed by his father Grand Master Helio Gracie. Classes are designed to put Jiu Jitsu into more “real life” situations and make them easy to understand and apply, which makes it perfect for everyday people just wanting a little more confidence to trained professionals that need Jiu Jitsu to stay safe at work. Here we will focus on all 5 elements of Jiu Jitsu which includes stand up self defense, striking, clench work and take downs, ground techniques as well as a healthy overall philosophy. Together we will learn the skills needed to develop the leverage and balance to fend off a much larger attacker. the Sport Jiu Jitsu offered by most schools tends to favor the younger and more athletic competitive male student, where what we offer is a fun and safe training environment for everyone.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu represents the triumph of human intelligence over brute strength!

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